A guide to buying used Motorhomes, RVs and Campers. Checklists on what to look out for when buying and places to buy them.


Jul 28

Seized Auctions

Motorhome for sale at Seized Auctions and police auctions 

What are seized auctions?

Seized auctions are held several times a year across the country and they sell off property and vehicles that has been confiscated in a court of law. The most common reason for the confiscation is after being convicted, the criminals’ property is confiscated as a result of illegal earnings. The majority of the vehicles have been in storage whilst legal proceedings have been going on and therefore are sold off as quickly as possible in an attempt to offset the high storage costs. For this reason you can often find vehicles with extremely low starting bids. You can often manage to get an excellent motorhome for just a fraction of its market value.

Are ‘Repo Auctions’ the same?

'Repo' or repossessed auctions are held by finance companies to sell off the vehicles they have repossessed as a result of foreclosure. They are usually the same format as police auctions and have very low starting bids too.

Do these auctions work like regular auctions?

The overall process of biding is exactly the same as ay other auction. There is normally a catalogue of the vehicles on offer and a set time is allotted for viewing. The main drawback with these auctions is that you are not generally allowed to drive the vehicles before bidding. You can however start the engines and make almost any other kind of inspection you see fit.

Are there any auction fees to be paid?

There is normally an auctioneers fee to be paid by the winning bidder. This fee tends to be around 10% of the winning bid price but this varies from auction to auction so you need to check this out beforehand.

For a list of Seized Auctions and Police Auctions in your area see the Seized Auction List

Mar 04

Seized Vehicle Auctions or Police Auctions

Have you ever considered buying your used motorhome at a police auction or a seized auction?

More and more people are getting bargains daily through buying in this way but you do have to be careful however. Sometimes, due to over zealous bidders who believe they are getting a steal can actually push the price of a vehicle well over its actual value.

You also need to bear in mind that there is no accurate ‘blue book’ value for a used motorhome. Every motorhome is different as far as furniture, fixtures and fittings and the condition of those. This added to the age and condition of the vehicle and itself make the price so variable that it cannot be effectively charted. 

The only way to get an idea as to how much a certain vehicle is worth is by going to see motorhomes of similar characteristics and using their price as a rough guide.

If you decide you want to try and purchase in a seized auction, for a regularly updated database containing the details  of where and when the auctions are held try the Seized Vehicle Auctions site or Auction Pass where you can bid on seized vehicles from $100 

Jul 20

2007 Eagle by American Coach

Check out this amazing RV.

Here is theVideo Tour of the 2007 Eagle by American Coach Traditional Motorhome I just saw.. What a great model.

Jul 09

motorhome for sale here

Used Motorhomes or Used Campers

Used Motorhomes or Used Campers


Motorhomes for sale

I have just posted a checklist of points to cover when looking at a used motorhome. The list is not definitive but will serve a a starting point to help you find a motorhome that will last and to help you not get ripped off. The checklist can be found at Used Motorhomes

If you are really serious about getting a good buy then you should download the RV Buyer’s Guide which discusses in detail all of the points to look out for and some of the hidden tricks of the trade when it comes to buying used motorhomes or RVs. The guide comes packed with illustrations and is a great investment to help you find the best motorhome you can.